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Choose Lawyers Knowledgeable About Truck Accident Law

Atlanta truck accident lawyers Pope & Howard: The first choice in truck accident cases

If you’ve ever been involved in a truck accident in Atlanta, you know how scary it can be. While some Atlanta truck accidents can be minor and cause little damage, too many of them can result in serious injury or even death.

Atlanta truck accidents have a variety of causes. Some of the causes of Atlanta truck accidents may include:

  • Poor truck maintenance can cause truck wrecks in Atlanta
  • Driver fatigue is a frequent factor in Atlanta truck accident cases
  • Aggressive driving can result in a truck accident
  • Drug or alcohol use can cause a driver to have a truck wreck in Atlanta
  • Texting, using the phone or being otherwise distracted while driving a truck through Atlanta can also lead to serious accidents

In the end, unsafe driving of any kind can cause a truck to get into an accident. The streets of Atlanta can be dangerous, and so truck drivers must be particularly cautious. In some instances, drivers get into truck accidents because they have been driving all night and are having trouble staying awake. Other times, truck wrecks occur because drivers fail to pay attention to the road.

Whatever the cause of an Atlanta area truck accident, it’s imperative that victims retain a truck accident lawyer who can get them the compensation they deserve.

The Atlanta truck accident lawyers at Pope and Howard, P.C. have extensive experience with truck accident law. They know well how catastrophic truck wrecks can be, and are committed to seeking justice on behalf of their clients.

In a situation involving a truck accident, it’s important to have lawyers you can trust who are experts in the field of truck accident law. If you or someone you know has been involved in an Atlanta truck accident, Pope and Howard, P.C. can help.

For more information about Pope & Howard P.C. or Atlanta truck accident law, please visit or call (404) 885-9999.

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  1. It’s great to know that there are lawyers who specialize in truck accidents. I have a cousin who’s looking for a great lawyer that specializes in this type of litigation. Thanks for the great advice.

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